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The Benefits of Having a Driving For Work Policy

In 2000 the HSE – Health & Safety Executive - estimated the costs to employers arising from road traffic accidents involving company drivers in the UK to be in the region of £2.7 BILLION per annum.

It's obviously best for everyone not to have an accident in the first place. However, it's a fact that any firm can reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring and enjoy the subsequent benefits by implementing a Driving For Better Business Policy.

For instance, the Driving Standards Agency have concluded that there is an 8.5% improvement in fuel efficiency for every driver that takes part in a Fleet Driver Training Course. This equates to 5 vehicles travelling 20,000 miles each year saving their company around £1500 in fuel alone. Fleet Driver Training can therefore be seen as a long term investment for any business, of any size.

Along with reducing the company's fuel bill, other benefits include employees driving in a much improved, professional manner, the company saving money on fleet insurance and costly engine, tyre and clutch wear. There's also improvements in terms of employee and public safety, as well as a reduction in employee sickness absences and accident repair bills. 

The benefits and advantages for your business of implementing a Driving For Work Policy therefore include:

Reduced accident losses
More effective and efficient use of all company vehicles
Reduction in down time – employees and vehicles
Improved safety culture
Improved public image of company
Increase in staff morale
Lower insurance premiums
Lower transport costs
The cost of defence against criminal prosecutions and civil litigation
Increased fuel efficiency
Decreased engine, tyre and clutch wear.
Overall improvement in business performance


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