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Driving Licence Checking Service

According to the Health and Safety Executive guidelines 'Driving at Work', published in September 2003, it is the duty and responsibility of every employer to check the entitlement of their staff to drive on their behalf, both before they go on the road for the first time and periodically thereafter.

Unfortunately this can be a time consuming, labour intensive and fallible process that relies on both the diligence of the staff responsible and the effectiveness of their training in understanding what they are being asked to inspect.

G & M Fleet Driver Training offer an alternative solution approved by the DVLA. This new service utilises a simple Data Protection mandate signed by the driver that allows us to access their records at the DVLA on your behalf. We source, collate and analyse the data and produce a user friendly and easy to understand report that tells you all you need to know about your driver, this includes:

  • Categories of licence held
  • Current endorsements
  • Name, Address and Driver Number
  • Date they passed their test

We even sort the data to identify the drivers that represent the highest risk in terms of accumulated endorsements.

It is now also possible to check foreign licences for a wide range of countries.

Contact us today for a fast, efficient and effective service.



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